Located in historic downtown St. George, wood • ash • rye utilizes regionally sourced ingredients to curate one-of-a-kind recipes that rotate with every season.
A warm, welcoming environment where fresh breads and pastries come hot out of the oven daily, this is where guests enjoy the freshest food in town. The menu features a unique and comforting spin on American cuisine coupled with a wide selection of unique craft cocktails, available with meals or in the comfortable in-house lounge.
Because the kitchen and dining areas at wood • ash • rye share the same open spaces, guests become integral to the social atmosphere of the restaurant. Often catching appetizing glimpses of their dishes being prepared just a few feet away, gourmet restaurant enthusiasts enjoy feeling immersed in the entire culinary experience, from ordering their food to taking their last delightful bite.


Call For Reservations: (435)522-5020

“Food should connect us to where we are, and where we have been! When people eat my food I want them to find themselves in that moment, closing their eyes and letting their senses take them back to memories of their life. Then watch as the food elevates them to their new surroundings.”

– Chef Shon Foster